A Conversation with a Being, Imperfect and Variable

Jaehee Jung, 24 April 2007

Media helps people extend the reach of their dreams and reflect upon themselves. I think media programmed by or made by humans has humanity. I don't mean the humanity of media as illusions imitated from nature, but rather the unexpected phenomena; e.g. errors and viruses that occur on a computer. I think the reason for these phenomena is the imperfection of human beings. A human being is not perfect, so media programmed by or made by humans may also have mistakes. It seems human to me.

I think humans and media have an a-priori hypothesis. The modern human being tends to be identified as scientific evidence, like the results from studying the structure of DNA and the human brain. The telltale signs suggest that humans are programmed for hard-to-define objectives. Media is also programmed, but for human ends. Therefore, it is made aware that human life isn't decided, as media often makes unpredictable mistakes.

To bring thoughts to my works, I show mostly illusions of the human body and situate a moment to reveal pixels or wireframes as if it happens accidentally in the works. Pixels and wireframes are fundamental elements for digital illusion. These elements can be perceived by the audience as mistakes. When viewers see the exposed digital elements on an image, they would think that the image is unreal and imperfect. I think the unreal and imperfect moment is important for us. When detaching ourselves from reality, we can imagine something new and when feeling inadequate, we strive to become better. I hope the interaction with my works will be a conversation with a being, imperfect and variable.

*Media is generally tools, means, or mediating elements; in my case, primarily digital media.

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