Packed Sound  Vacuum Cleaner in Its Box  32 x 37 x 59 cm  2012

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Through the sound of a vacuum cleaner, we can assume that someone is cleaning around us. This sort of sound from a machine, which has an informative character, is known as functional sound. The functional sound of a vacuum cleaner is white noise which is similar to the sound that we experience first in our life. In other words, white noise is the very sound a baby hears in its mother’s womb. A newborn baby feels secure with the sound of a vacuum cleaner. However, while growing up, the peaceful sound becomes noise. Can we appreciate the sound of a vacuum cleaner not as information or noise, but rather as an aesthetic sound? To attempt this, I have a vacuum cleaner run while still in its box. Thereafter, the boxed running vacuum cleaner loses its original purpose and becomes the object that generates sound. In today’s society, packaging hides the true nature of something and creates a fantasy, but in my work, packaging discloses hidden sounds.