Vacuum  Vacuum Cleaner, Extension Hoses, Timer  Dimensions Variable  2019

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Vacuum is a work that reveals the process by which air and matter move from one space to another through a technically materialized vacuum state in real time. The internal motor inside the body of a vacuum cleaner which operates on electric energy rotates the fan quickly to create an imperfect vacuum state. As the air pressure inside the main body drops, the suction nozzle placed outside makes white noise quietly and sucks up the floating fine matter around it. The matter that flows through the extended hose scatters and piles up in the body of the vacuum cleaner placed inside, and the air is expelled through the exhaust port with non-filterable tiny particles. The process of connecting the inside and the outside occurs as the vacuum cleaner regularly alternates between being turned on and off. In conclusion, I attempted to make the various thoughts of the audience cross paths by presenting a structure in which the emptying and filling of matter and the ventilation of air is continuously carried out.