Home Void  Smart Tent, Smartphone, Tablet Computer, Laptop, Real and Artificial Succulents
Various Personal Items  150 x 255 x 345 cm  2018

Home Void is an installation, using a smart tent, that demonstrates a vacuum or a lack of a concept of home. In this regard, home is a psychological and physical nest, while at the same time, home is a cognitive reference point like the start page of an internet web browser. Therefore, Home Void refers to the state where these meanings are emptied. When one goes into the tent installed in the exhibition space, one can hear sounds of nature, like raindrops falling on a tent in the forest, and smell the scent of a forest. On the table, there is a tablet computer displaying an anonymous Instagram page that automatically scrolls through images in real time which are uploaded by the users followed by the account. At the back of the tent, a laptop displays its lock screen along with the time and date, on which there is a slideshow of spider web images taken from the internet. On the right side, real and fake succulents are placed together. In addition, various personal items are arranged in different ways. Among them is a smartphone on the sleeping bag. If one finds the smartphone, one is made aware of oneself and the background being broadcasted live with the sound of rain. In other words, the internal situation is exposed in real time through some specific sites such as Facebook, YouTube, or Periscope under the title ‘A Tent in the Forest’. Accordingly, whoever intends to appreciate the inside of the tent is ironically converted into an object watched by unidentified viewers, and the live streamed situation cannot be trusted by the viewers. Ultimately, through the multisensory experience, I want the audience to think about the borders between subject and object, individual and public, real and fictional, autonomy and heteronomy, and natural and artificial that are being blurred due to the changing technological environment.